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Pope Francis will be visiting the United States From 9/22-9/27. He will be speaking to Congress on Thurs 9/24.  The Moral Mobilization will occur this Fall, from the beginning of Francis' visit on Sep. 22 to the end of the Paris climate talks on Dec. 11.

Event hosts will choose their own date and time during that range.


For WEEKDAY events: Host outside of your local congressperson’s office (And invite your Congressional Representative to join!).

For WEEKEND events, choose a civic site or notable public space.


We will be holding Public Pledge to Mobilize Ceremonies These events will consist of:

1) Reading Selections aloud from the Encyclical

Giving the Pledge to Mobilize to Community Leaders. (Politicians and candidates, religious leaders,  leaders in business, the academy, civil society, or other notable, respected figures)   For an example: See this Video of San Francisco Mayoral Candidate Amy Farah Weiss taking the Pledge in a public ceremony.

Community Leaders giving speeches about the need for Climate Mobilization!

Community Leaders offering the Pledge to Mobilize to anyone in the crowd.


Pope Francis’ message is entirely compatible with the Pledge to Mobilize.  In essence, Pope Francis is calling for climate mobilization—a restructuring of our economy and society that drastically reduces emissions “in the next few years,” in order to protect civilization and the natural world.  We believe that his speech to Congress on 9/24 will be forceful and magnetic. In the weeks and months after his departure, we want to send a message that we, the people, are answering his call for ecological conversion and active citizenship!  We also think this is a terrific opportunity to:

1) Enlist community leaders from Across the US to The Climate Mobilization

Get our message into the national press.

Making the Case for WWII-Scale Ecological Conversion

In "Laudato Si," Pope Francis calls for an urgent "ecological conversion" of civilization and a "drastic" reduction of emissions in "the next few years." Meanwhile, The Pledge to Mobilize calls for a WWII-scale mobilization in response to climate change that drives U.S. greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2025 and global greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2030.  

The fact that historians describe the World War II home front mobilization as a tremendously fast "conversion" of industry from peacetime to wartime production confirms our feeling that a Climate Mobilization and an Ecological Conversion are practically identical concepts. 

Unfortunately, just because our demands are in line with the Pope's doesn't mean that people will be automatically persuaded that we are right. Here are some key resources to help you persuade people that we need a WWII-scale ecological conversion that eliminates net greenhouse gas emissions as quickly as humanly possible, removes excess carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and restores a safe climate. 

1. An Open Letter to Barack Obama: The Moment of Truth for Your Climate Legacy

This open letter, issued on Sep. 2 and signed by a distinguished group of scientists and environmental, faith, civic and cultural leaders, challenges President Obama to champion a courageous U.S. goal of net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2025 at the upcoming climate talks in Paris. Notable signers include authors Lester Brown and Terry Tempest Williams; actors Mark Ruffalo and Ed Begley, Jr.; environmentalists David Suzuki, Winona LaDuke, Tim DeChristopher and Yeb Saño; filmmaker Josh Fox; musician Moby; and scientist Ove Hoegh-Guldberg, a coordinating lead author for the IPCC’s 5th Assessment Report, and scientist George Woodwell, the Founder of the Woods Hole Research Center.

2. Recount: It's Time to 'Do the Math' Again, by David Spratt

This devastating report by a leading Australian climate policy analyst makes clear that we face a global climate emergency, that "we have no carbon budget left to divide up," and  "big tipping-point events irreversible on human time scales and large-scale positive feedbacks are already occurring at less than 1°C of warming." Spratt concludes that "action is necessary at a faster pace than most policy makers conceive is possible. Decades of procrastination mean there is no longer sufficient time for an incremental and non-disruptive reduction in emissions."

3. Striking Targets, by Philip Sutton

This report, also written by a leading Australian climate policy analyst, shows that the climate goals being negotiated in the upcoming Paris talks are leading the world toward catastrophe. To save civilization, we must push for much faster action, Sutton concludes. "The struggle till now has been to get climate on the action agenda for every country in the world. This will be achieved at the Paris conference. But the commitments that will be made will still leave the earth on a fast path to over 3°C of warming – which is environmentally and socially disastrous...Effective protection will depend on the creation of a safe-climate-restoring economy globally before 2030. It is now time to match our climate goals with climate reality – both our goals for the restoration of the earth system and our goals for climate campaigning. There is still a huge gap between what the world needs for the climate and where we are heading."

4. The Case for Climate Mobilization, by Ezra Silk, with Margaret Klein Salamon

Written by the directors of The Climate Mobilization, this long document makes the social, economic, and scientific case for the specific demands in the Pledge to Mobilize. 

Also, see our illustrated manifesto on the importance of speaking honestly about the climate catastrophe, see The Transformative Power of Climate Truth, by Margaret Klein Salamon.

Courses of Action for The Moral Mobilization

The point of the Moral Mobilization is to take a stand with Pope Francis and call on Congress to protect Creation with a WWII-scale ecological conversion. There are a number of ways you and your community can deliver this message to Congress and the American people: 


- For more information on tabling and the materials you will need, see our tabling guide


- Details forthcoming. 


- Check out our comprehensive guide that explains how to hold a public pledge-signing ceremony.


- See our comprehensive guide on how to give a public speech calling for a Climate Mobilization. 


- See our comprehensive guide on how to hold a rally for a Climate Mobilization.


- Details forthcoming.

Key Event Materials

Here is an abbreviated list of materials you will likely need for your event. We are designing Moral Mobilization-themed posters, event flyers, and T-shirts, and will post them here shortly:

1. Banner
2. Blown-up Poster Version of the Pledge to Mobilize (2' x 3' for Printing on Vinyl)
3. Portable Sound System/Mic
4. Tabling Posters
5. TCM Shirts
6. Pledge to Mobilize (For 8" x 11" Printer Paper)
7. Pledge Sign-Up Forms

For a comprehensive list of materials  -  including small, printable copies of the Pledge, and Pledge sign-up forms  -  see the Mobilization Materials page.

Organizing Call Archive

We hold a call to share resources and best practices with hosts every Thursday. Attend the next call. 

Listen to previous week's calls for useful tips.

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