About The Moral Mobilization

The Moral Mobilization was initiated by The Climate Mobilization (TCM), a movement that has demanded an emergency, WWII-scale mobilization in response to the threat of climate catastrophe since the People’s Climate March last fall. When the Vatican published Pope Francis’ Encyclical, “Laudato Si,” in June, we were impressed by its call for a dramatic “ecological conversion” of individuals, communities, and civilization in response to climate change and the broader ecological crisis. Historians characterize the WWII home front mobilization as a rapid “conversion” of the American economy to wartime production, and Francis’ call for an “ecological conversion” that “drastically” reduces greenhouse gas emissions in “the next few years” seemed to overlap with our call for a wartime-style mobilization that drives the U.S. to net zero emissions by 2025 and restores a safe climate for humanity.  

Francis’ earth-shaking moral leadership inspired us to form a new campaign embracing the Encyclical: The Moral Mobilization. The campaign, which demands “Ecological Conversion for America,” has five key ideas, derived from the overlapping themes of “Laudato Si” and TCM's key organizing tool, The Pledge to Mobilize:   

1. Demanding that Congress Initiates a WWII-scale Ecological Conversion
2. Rapid Emissions Reductions (net zero greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. by 2025 and globally by 2030)       
3. Full Employment, Full Participation (achieved through a federal job guarantee program)
4. Shared Sacrifice, Not Consumerism
5. Assuming Personal Responsibility for the Crisis  

The dates of the Moral Mobilization extend from the beginning of Francis’ visit to America on Sep. 22 through the end of the Paris climate talks (COP 21) on Dec. 11. So far, events have been formally announced in Santa Cruz, CA, Aptos, CA, Athens, GA, and Jefferson City, MO, and more events are being planned in Sacramento, CA, San Jose, CA, San Diego, CA, Washington, D.C., Boston, MA, Nepal and Malawi. Click here for an up-to-date event calendar. Moral Mobilizers are encouraged to hold actions large and small, including public pledge-signing ceremonies in front of congressional offices and federal buildings, rallies, direct actions, lectures, and tabling events. The overarching message is that we, the American people, stand with Pope Francis and we demand a WWII-scale ecological conversion now!   

One of our aims is to reach out to the faith community, as well as other groups that have messages compatible with “Laudato Si.” The Encyclical has the potential to be a powerful organizing tool, and we believe its multifaceted critique of the predominant “throwaway culture” that treats the natural world and the billions of poor as “collateral damage” presents an extraordinary opportunity to build an historic, spiritually motivated movement demanding the radical changes required to save us from perdition.  

Opportunities for Co-Sponsorship 

Although we hope to retain the core message of “WWII-style ecological conversion,” we are open to co-sponsoring the Moral Mobilization with other groups that have advocacies aligned with the Encyclical, even if they are not specifically focused on the ecological crisis. Co-sponsors are asked to take on an active role in organizing the campaign, holding multiple new events, and informing their supporters about The Moral Mobilization. In turn, we will feature co-sponsors logos on the front page of the Moral Mobilization site and do our best to incorporate their unique advocacy messages into the Moral Mobilization without watering down the core message of “Ecological Conversion for America.” Organizations that wish to support the Moral Mobilization without assuming the responsibility of full co-sponsorship are invited to endorse The Moral Mobilization.

Interested in co-sponsoring? Contact Moral Mobilization Coordinator Ezra Silk at ezra.silk@gmail.com.

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